Thursday, April 1, 2010


Yesterday, I sang Metallica's Unforgiven II..The lyrics was complicated, that's why I sang it with different words..(but with the same tune). He taught me the correct one & we sang it together..I love music..I want to sing..But at times, he got annoyed with my faulty lyrics. When Mom and I went for shopping, he sometimes asked for tapes..(Metallica, Gun's n roses)..I admit, he has this passion for music..

Way back, when he was still studying in college, I opened his bag and found a very short pencil. I felt like crying 'coz I pity him. He saw me & just smiled. I gave him one of my magic pencil and he burst into laughter. "I still have a box here. It's my lucky pencil that's why I don't use the others." He said..Then, we burst into laughter.

One time, upon arriving at our house, he approached me angrily & attempted to slap me. But our Mom stopped him..He was very mad. Bingo, our dog, followed me while I crossed the street, & he was bumped by a truck. It was a terrible death..But I couldn't do something for I was late for school. Funny though, because of Bingo's death, we haven't talked for 3 days..

Once, he & my father had this huge fight. It was a traumatic experience for me..But one thing that reminds me of him was when he transferred at my aunt's house & stayed for months. Hearing stories that he washed his own clothes, helped in household chores..gave me a terrible heartache, for he was not used to it..

Oftentimes, we compete in a game show. If I got the wrong answer, he'll teased me & called me "dumb". Laughing out loud when our Mom answered the trivia wrongly or mispronounced something, I was the one being pinched. There was never a dull moment watching a game show with him. Battle of the brains. That's why insults from him was o.k though..

But one morning, I was 1 & 1/2 hour asleep when Mom rubbed my back vigorously..Shouting my brother's name. I saw my father hugging him tight. My mother was weeping, bursting into tears. I felt though my brain was empty..Until we arrived at hospital & was declared DOA (Dead On Arrival)..

21 years with my brother, didn't give me a chance to say "I love you".. Not even got the chance to say "thank you"..Hope through this, I can let the people know how I love my brother..I really miss the person whom I know can defend me..Who'll never set me free even if the strong wind might blow me away..Who can save me if somebody breaks my heart..

That's why, never miss the chance to appreciate and say the words you want to say to the person you love.. As an excerpt from the movie "Click" said.."Hug them, kiss them and tell them that you love them. Don't miss the chance that life is giving you to spend with the people you love..There are no rewinds." For me, It was wasted time..

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Vacation Time!

You're excited to wake up early, brush your teeth & put on your new clothes. You're heading to grocery store with your Mom. You walked ahead to your favorite candy stand. All of the sweetiest, yummiest candies & chocolates you ever tasted. The moment it's sweetness slowly fades, you go back again & purchase another oe. You wouldnt allow a second of bitterness stay inside your mouth. This routine happens everyday until your teeth are slowly decaying. Your Mom noticed it & warns you to stop. But you just cant. How can you let go of a habit which makes you happy & satisfied? When its the only reason tou wake up early morning even if you slept late; That you continue walking even if your feet hurts. You become stubborn & wouldnt listen to anyone.

Then one morning, you could'nt barely smile coz your teeth start falling & the others become rotten. You cried hard & cant stop. Your Mom yells you again like bees stinging your ears. But you're still holding on thinking there are many many ways where your teeth can be fixed. Not just letting go of your fave habit, coz you want to hold to something more. Something so beautiful in the end. You are continualy hoping & will be hoping..

Then you can smile again.. -Glai

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

More on me..

u think u knw me?!..i bet u dnt..
bubbly on the outside but lugubrious on the inside..*which is juz natural for us*
been hurt, was left..on the process of moving on..
gratified with folks surrounding me..i was pampered & cared for..
dont wanna be left no more..dont wanna cry a lot..

This is me then..

--** my OHANA: i was catered well..a little bit spoiled esp. with my father..sort of "undoing" for missed bonding..inherited lengthy patience from my Mom..have a brother who i rarely talked to..then one morning, upon waking up, i juz LOST HIM.."QUALITY TIME"--can i buy one???!!

--** my BUDDIES: My beshy was alrady tied up & always praying for her happiness..

(presently) A scream!! cant take those smiles on my face w/ their stubborness cant kick their ass off..their loyalty & genuity was tested & proven..i had found if not the best, the greatest friends in the world..*honest*

--** my ALMA MATER: im their product..molded with christian values & professionalism..survived the sleepless nights, some terror mentors, tiring co-curricular activities, trembling return demonstrations & exciting hospital & community exposures..

--** my WHITE CAP: not an "A" list in my "What i want to be"..destiny brings me of service to the sick??! * bout me when i get sick?!*kiddin..whehe.. well, my heart is into it..nursing folks!shoot!

--** my HEART: strongest organ in my can carry loads of torment..but now, it's filled with love..distance doesnt seem to matter..perfection seems unnoticed..quality time is not a hindrance..hard fights dont play a part.. honesty, loyalty, sincerity & being real..that's what keep us going..

--** my LIFE: im very sentimental..but i am pretty much on the happy side of life..thats why i fill my world with colorful stuffs..but like any others, i also have my "days of"..easilly giggles on petty things..jealousy & envy is no longer my game..a major defense mechanisms are intellectualization, fantasy, regression & supression..

never will i regret living in this life..

someone & some things are missing..but there are fillers..

LORD, I OWE EVERYTHING TO U!...and to everyone, thanks a lot!..**some things intentionally unshared**